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Where are the best aluminum slug manufacturers?

Posted on June 22, 2010 in: Event
Where are the best aluminum slug manufacturers

aluminium slugs can be used for extrusion, stretching and surface oxidation,which can be applied in many fields. The process of producing aluminum slugs are: aluminum ingot + other alloy – Melting – Insulation – Continuous casting – Drilling and stamping – Forming – Heat treatment – Surface treatment – Quality inspection – Packaging. Knowing about the classification of aluminum slugs for sale can help you to find the most suitable type for your product,so Where are the best aluminium slugs manufacturers
From the shape, the aluminium slugs can be separated as flat round, semicircular, conical, square, rectangular, oval, perforated, non-porous type. During them, non-porous flat round, semi-circular, conical type are suitable for processing canned products, flat round, perforated semi-circular, conical type are suitable for processing tube products, the square, oval, rectangular type are suitable for processing parts.
Classified according to the application, aluminum slugs are divided as follows:
1.Tubes – cosmetic tube, glue tube, paint tube, hose(soft tube), medicine tube, capacitor shell, aluminum container, etc.
2.Aerosolcans – for store deodorants, perfumes and cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals, food and household products.
3.Bottles- beer packaging, sports water bottles and beverage containers.
4.Extrusions -such as part of the filter, the fuel pump housing, pressure vessels, ink cartridges, impellers, push connections, bottles, cans, bushings, sleeve nuts, sensors, capacitor trays, mirrors, airbags, ABS systems, Air conditioning technology.
Haomei Aluminum has been in the aluminum product market for more than 20 years, we have professional factory equipped with rolling machine, cold rolling line, hot rolling line, slitting machine, shearing machine, annealing, finishing mill line. We supply a verity of aluminum products including aluminum sheet plate, aluminum mirror sheet, aluminum roofing sheet, aluminum tread plate, aluminum drill entry sheet, aluminum closure sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, aluminum disc circle, aluminum slugs, aluminum profile, color coated aluminum coil and so on. As one of the best aluminum slugs manufacturers, we have a lot of advantages on the product and service.
aluminium slugs manufactured by our Haomei Aluminum are with good quality and beautiful appearance. The aluminum slugs are produce by cold-extrusion or deeply-drawing to make aerosol cans, automotive cans, gas cylinders, industrial packaging, and electronics, cosmetic packing-tube (lipstick tube, pharmaceutical tubes, collapsible tubes, toothpaste tubes,capacitor Shell and more. Although the aluminum slugs for sale have small volume, but it plays an important role during daily life and packing industry. Different shape, temper and grade expand the application area greatly. 1070 aluminum slugs, 1050 aluminum slugs, 3003 aluminum slugs and 1100 aluminum slugs with soft temper plain or perforated are the most used grades. Every month, we export tons of aluminum slugs to our customers and keep well business relationship with them. Our advantage lies in flexible manufacturing and very short delivery periods. Smaller quantities and high-quality products resulting from long-standing experience and knowledge are also provided.
The aluminium slugsfactory Haomei in China is a professional company mainly produces aluminum slugs for cold extrusion aluminum cans and tubes. The cans and tubes processed from aluminium slugs are wide, such as toothpaste tubes, glue pipes, cosmetic tubes, marker tubes, capacitor tubes, aerosol cans, cigar tubes, pigment tubes, etc.