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This news mainly introduced the What is the information about aluminum slugs.

What is the information about aluminum slugs?

Posted on June 22, 2010 in: Event
What is the information about aluminum slugs?

aluminium slugs is a kind of metal blank made of aluminum alloy withsilver color in different thickness and different shapes like circle, oval, rectangle, dome, concave. aluminium slugs are widely used as industrial metal base which are usually made into collapsible tubes, aerosol cans, deep extrusion shell and automotive filter hosing by impact punching & extrusion process.
Aluminum alloys for aluminum slug Aluminum slugs is composited by aluminum alloys with high aluminum purity>=99.97% which is so-called pure aluminum, and code AA1070(same as EN570) are most widely used as its raw material, because it bears features of better formality, anti-corrosion durability and suitable hardness & stength to make tubes. Besides alloy of AA1070, we choose AA6061, AA6063 as raw material when it comes to customized application with special requirement on slug strength and hardness
The aluminium slugsfactory Haomei in China is a professional company mainly produces aluminum slugs for cold extrusion aluminum cans and tubes. The cans and tubes processed from aluminium slugs are wide, such as toothpaste tubes, glue pipes, cosmetic tubes, marker tubes, capacitor tubes, aerosol cans, cigar tubes, pigment tubes, etc.