1060 Aluminium Alloy Slugs

1060 Aluminium Alloy Slugs of Haomei aluminum are with advanced craft and technical produce processing

1060 Aluminium Alloy Slugs

1060 Aluminium Alloy Slugs

Haomei 1060 aluminium alloy slugs - We are manufacturer and exporter of aluminum slugs like aluminum alloy slugs from china

Product Name DC CC materials 1060 aluminum slugs
Alloy 1060
Temper O-H112
Thickness 0.5mm-6.0mm
Diameter 100mm-900mm
Surface Mill finish, mirror polished, brushed, embossed, PE PVDF color coated, teflon coated…
Aluminum slugs Shape: flat,domed,round,column,rectangle,concave,perform
Aluminum slugs treatment: heat-treated,soft-annealed,surface tumbled,sand blasted
Diameter detail:20mm,25mm,27mm,40mm,45mm,50mm,54mm,63.5mm,74mm,85mm,89mm, 90mm,116mm
Packing Standard Exporting wooden pallets

Properties of 1060 Aluminum slugs

Only high purity aluminium ingot imported from primary producers, is used in the production of haomei’s 1060 aluminium slugs. The 1060 aluminium slug production process involves the use of aluminium melting furnaces, holding furnaces, automatic continuous strip casting machines, hot and cold rolling mills, automatic slug punching presses, annealing ovens, slug vibrators and inspection lines.
The haomei capacity of 18,000 tons of aluminium slugs, is produced in more than 200 standard sizes. About 10% of the aluminium slugs produced are used by our factories, 40% of our aluminium slug sale in Domestic market, and the other 50% of our slug production is mostly exported.
The operations of haomei are fully integrated as the Company operates by ourselves aluminium casting lines which produce the intermediate material required for the production of aluminium impact extruded containers. haomei also manufacture their own plastic bottles/caps, for use with their aluminium tubes and all tooling for their extruded containers as well as most spare parts.


The 1060 Aluminium Slug can be used for manufacturing flexible tube,aerosol can/box,collapsible tube,aluminum bottle, aluminum cover etc, is widely used in cosmetics packaging, electronics, medical, food and automotive industries,etc.

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Haomei Aluminum sell aluminum slug products widely to United State, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Austria, Fiji, South Africa etc countries.