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Your products: Aluminium tube

Aluminium permanently prevents the penetration of oxygen. This essential barrier property makes the Aluminium tube a most appropriate and well established packaging in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

Herbal Ointments / Remedies Hair Colorant Hair Fertilizer
Petroleum Jelly Pharmaceutical Products Adhesives & Lubricants
Tomato Puree, Mustard, Mayonnaise ect. Art paints/Dyes

In the packaging of sensitive goods, the Collapsible Aluminium tubes offers unique advantages - today as well as in the future. With its outstanding barrier properties, the Collapsible Aluminium Tube is the ideal packaging to reliably protect a product against UV-light/sunlight, foreign odour and loss of perfume and aroma, while the tube itself is absolutely scent-neutral and can be sterilized and coated with an inert internal lacquer.

Collapsible Aluminium tubes consist of 99.7% pure Aluminium, which makes the recycling easy and economically viable.

The tube is formed by impact extrusion from a small disk of Aluminium called a slug. The slug size is according to the desired tube dimension and determines either an open tube or a closed tube with a membrane over the orifice. To make the tubes pliable and sterile, they are heat treated in an annealing oven.

aluminum slugs                                             aluminum slugs

aluminum slugs   aluminum slugs

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